A number of conditions apply for using The Bruny Shack.   Some of these conditions have been placed on us by the Kingborough Council and are  conditional on us being able to  rent out the property. Non adherence to these conditions will  effect rental of the property so please don’t ruin it for everyone. Please read through these and let us know if you have any queries about them.Maximum number of occupants at any one time is 12 people.Please do not create a nuisance for any properties in the surrounding locality by way of noise, generation of waste or vehicle movements.

The premises must be maintained in a neat and tidy condition at all times.

Rubbish is to be removed upon vacating the premises

Guests are to park  in the driveway provided.  No more than four vehicles are to be parked onsite at any one time. and guests are not to park within the road reserve or elsewhere off the site.

Checkout time is 10 am Check in time is 2 pm. This allows us to have the property cleaned in between guest. If you could please leave the premises as tidy as possible when you checkout this minimses the effect on the next guests.

No tents are to be place on or near the premises.

Please find attached a link for the Bruny Shack Guidelines. Please have a read through and if you have any questions about the guidelines, please let us know (

Please only use the number of beds you booked for.Can you also please ensure that you leave the place as you found it. This includes making sure that the kitchen is clean, dishes are in the dishwasher and put on and all rubbish is bagged and put in the bin.If you use the BBQ please ensure you clean it.

Please leave the Shack as you would like someone to leave your house. Any additional beds or cleaning (outside what would be expected) after your stay will be taken out of the security deposit. We will advise you if this is the case with evidence.

Any unused security deposit will be returned within 7 days.